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Three Mills Botanicals Rose/Strawberry/Elderflower

Three Mills Botanicals Rose/Strawberry/Elderflower

Three Mills fruit-fusion wines are handcrafted in England and are the perfect refreshing drink for those who like a sweeter, fruit-forward wine. The Rose, Strawberry and Elderflower botanical wine is made with a Rosé blend and is Inspired by popular gin flavors, these refreshing and innovative drinks are perfect for summer vibes year-round. A blend of juicy strawberry and delicate elderflower flavors with hints of rosewater, beautifully balanced for a medium-dry refreshing Rosé. At 5.5% ABV, Three Mills wines have a lower alcohol content than other wines and are an easy-drinking option or can be used as the base for a fantastic Summery cocktail, just add your favorite tonic and liquor for an elegant spritzer. We prefer to enjoy these wines served chilled with fresh fruit or paired dessert.

ABV 5.5%

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