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Villa de Mare Fiano

Villa de Mare Fiano

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Crafted in the sun-drenched vineyards of Puglia, Villa di Mare Fiano 2022 embodies the essence of southern Italian terroir. Made from the indigenous Fiano grape, this wine showcases a radiant golden yellow hue that glimmers invitingly in the glass. Upon the first sip, delicate aromas waft, offering a bouquet that dances between floral nuances and hints of mild citrus, entwined with the subtle sweetness of ripe pear. Its palate is a harmonious symphony, where the luscious fruit flavors intertwine seamlessly with a vibrant acidity, culminating in a refreshing finish that lingers gracefully.

Versatile and dynamic, this Fiano is a perfect companion to a myriad of dishes, particularly complementing the likes of tender white meats, succulent seafood, and crisp salads. Whether enjoyed as a standalone indulgence or as a prelude to a sumptuous meal, Villa di Mare Fiano 2022 shines brightest when served between 50-54°F


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