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Villa di Mare Puglia Rosato 2021*

Villa di Mare Puglia Rosato 2021*

If you think of Italy as the classic boot shape, Puglia comes from the heel of the boot. Like most of Italy, you can find amazing wines in Puglia, Rosé included. In Puglia, you’ll find the winery of Villa Di Mare and their stunning wine. Their Rosé is made in the modern style, fresh and bright. The palate is fruity and fresh but balanced with enough acidity to keep it dry and refreshing, with notes of berries and orange blossoms. This wine is fresh, soft and juicy and best served chilled.

For a delightful culinary pairing, serve Villa di Mare Puglia Rosato 2021 with a refreshing seafood linguine. The wine's crisp acidity and vibrant fruitiness complement the briny flavors of the seafood, while its light body enhances the dish's delicate textures.


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