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Vinum Africa Pinotage

Vinum Africa Pinotage

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Pinotage is the quinessential South African grape variety. It was created in 1925 by Abraham Izak Perold, the first professor of viticulture at Stellenbosch University by crossing Cinsault (known locally as Hermitage) and Pinot Noir to give the portmanteau "Pinotage". 

Perold planted the four seeds that he had crossed in his garden where they were then forgotten for several years until they were rescued from a "tidy up" after Perold had moved. The seedlings were replanted and later grafted onto other rootstocks.

Since the 1960s the reputation of Pinotage has grown for good and bad! It has often been misunderstood and mistreated, with too much oak, too much sugar and generally too much manipulation.

The winemaker, Alex Dale, believes Pinotage is a fantastic though misunderstood varietal which benefits from a gentle touch, in order to uncover its true potential and unique qualities. This maiden vintage of Radford Dale Vinum Pinotage expresses the real nature of what this grape has to offer – refreshing, juicy black fruits with poise and elegance and ripe tannins.

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