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Walkabout Reserve Shiraz 2016

Walkabout Reserve Shiraz 2016

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The 2016 Walkabout Reserve Shiraz from South Australia is a captivating wine that delights the senses from the moment it is poured. Its deep violet hue sets the stage for the intense bouquet that follows, evoking aromas of ripe red fruit with enticing hints of blackberry.

On the palate, this Shiraz reveals its generous nature. Flavors of cherry and blueberry take center stage, enveloping the taste buds in a wave of rich and vibrant fruitiness. Subtle vegetal tones of tobacco and oak add complexity and depth, further enhancing the wine's character.

Bold and well-balanced, the Walkabout Reserve Shiraz showcases a tart acidity that enlivens the palate, while its assertive tannins provide a sturdy structure. The wine's gradual spicy finish is true to its Shiraz heritage, leaving a lingering warmth that will please full-bodied wine enthusiasts.

This Shiraz is a perfect companion to a variety of dishes. It pairs beautifully with sharp cheeses, their tangy flavors harmonizing with the wine's robust profile. It also complements roast beef served with a pepper sauce, allowing the wine's flavors to complement the savory notes of the dish. Roasted vegetables make an ideal accompaniment, their earthy flavors enhancing the overall experience. The Walkabout Reserve Shiraz is best enjoyed during long weekends, where its richness and complexity can be savored at a leisurely pace.

Overall, the 2016 Walkabout Reserve Shiraz embodies the bold and expressive nature of South Australian wines. With its intense aromas, generous flavors, and well-balanced structure, this wine promises an unforgettable sensory experience for those who appreciate full-bodied red wines.

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