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Atardecer Merlot-Malbec 2020

Atardecer Merlot-Malbec 2020

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Atardecer Merlot-Malbec is the epitome of a versatile crowd-pleaser, ideal for impromptu gatherings and cherished moments with loved ones. Its captivating blend bursts forth with a symphony of fruit-forward flavors, engaging the palate with delightful hints of sour cherry, subtle tobacco undertones, and decadent dark fruit. Exhibiting impeccable balance and a gratifyingly enduring finish, this wine exudes boldness complemented by a touch of spice, embodying the essence of a truly exceptional Malbec.

Seamlessly pairing with a variety of culinary delights, from succulent red meats to artisanal cheeses, it elevates any dining experience, ensuring unforgettable memories and cherished conversations shared amongst friends and family.


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