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In order to keep pace with a changing world, Splash is excited to introduce Botellón, a spectacular wine using cutting edge bag-in-box technology and featuring wines from our producers around the world that you already know and love. We have rushed this project to get it to our customers fast and that meant the very first shipment comes with only the minimal graphics required. 

These containers are 3L each- the equivalent of 4 full-sized 750 ML bottles. You get the same great wine but you don’t pay for glass and it doesn’t get better than that! Our brand new boxed wine, Botellón comes in red, white and mixed packs of 2, 4 and 6 boxes (8, 16 and 24 bottle equivalents) as low as just $3.75 per 750 ML - our best price ever!

Why Boxed Wine?

The bag-in-a-box system of wine has continually improved, making it an ideal way to deliver you delicious wine in an environmentally friendly package. Convenient and delicious wine is more accessible than ever.

Mixed packs will include equal parts Red & White.