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Cuvée Jean Roueyre 2018

Cuvée Jean Roueyre 2018

Jean De Roueyre from Saint-Chinian is a captivating wine that showcases the unique terroir and skillful craftsmanship of the region. This blend of 60% Syrah, 20% Grenache Noir, and 20% Carignan combines the best qualities of these varietals, resulting in a wine of remarkable complexity and balance.

In the glass, Jean De Roueyre displays a deep ruby color, hinting at its depth and concentration. The nose is filled with enticing aromas of ripe red berries, black cherries, and a touch of black pepper. Subtle hints of garrigue and dried herbs add further layers of complexity, reflecting the wine's connection to its Mediterranean origins.

On the palate, Jean De Roueyre unveils a harmonious blend of flavors. Ripe and juicy red fruits take the spotlight, supported by velvety tannins and a medium-bodied structure. The Grenache Noir contributes its characteristic red fruit flavors and a subtle touch of warmth, while the Syrah adds depth and complexity with its dark fruit notes and a hint of spice. The Carignan adds a lively acidity and earthy undertones, enhancing the overall profile.

The wine offers a well-rounded mouthfeel and a satisfying finish that lingers with echoes of red fruits and a touch of Mediterranean herbs. With its balanced composition and expressive character, Jean De Roueyre is a versatile wine that pairs well with a range of dishes. It is particularly enjoyable alongside roasted meats, hearty stews, or aged cheeses.

Jean De Roueyre from Saint-Chinian exemplifies the craftsmanship and dedication of the winemakers in the region. It is a testament to the unique terroir and the art of blending, resulting in a wine that beautifully showcases the diverse and expressive qualities of Syrah, Grenache Noir, and Carignan.

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