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Lacrima Purpura White

Lacrima Purpura White

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Lacrima Purpura Blanco Seco White Blend embodies the essence of freshness and elegance, offering a delightful journey through the Spanish wine region of Utel-Requena. This light and refreshing dry white wine entices with aromas of wild flowers and white fruit, leading to a palate of crisp apple, zesty citrus, and juicy apricot. With its light-bodied nature, it provides a lively and invigorating drinking experience. Crafted with care and aged in stainless steel tanks, this wine maintains its purity and fruit-forward character.

Best enjoyed chilled, it pairs exquisitely with a variety of appetizers, especially seafood dishes like grilled fish tacos, shrimp ceviche, or lemon-garlic scallops, accentuating its vibrant flavors and complementing its Mediterranean heritage.


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