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Sishaye Shiraz 2022

Sishaye Shiraz 2022

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Shrouded in historical ambiguity, the arrival of Shiraz in South Africa remains a topic of debate, with theories attributing its introduction to Governor Simon van der Stel in the late 1600s or to James Busby, the Scotch viticulturist, who purportedly left cuttings in Cape Town during his journey from Europe in the 1840s. Despite its uncertain origins, Shiraz has thrived in South African terroir, experiencing a remarkable surge in popularity between 1992 and 2016, witnessing a tenfold increase in vine plantings and cementing its status as the second most planted cultivar in the country. Sishaye, honoring this legacy, has crafted a captivating Shiraz that epitomizes the essence of New World flavors.

Bursting with vibrant notes of cherries, cranberries, and plums, complemented by a peppery and savory finish, each sip is a journey through a spectrum of tantalizing flavors.

This exquisite wine is best savored alongside succulent spare ribs, tender braised meats, or juicy burgers, enhancing the dining experience with its bold character and complex profile.


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