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Bobal de SanJuan 2021

Bobal de SanJuan 2021

Nestled in Valencia's picturesque vineyards, this wine reflects the region's esteemed winemaking tradition, embodying the essence of Spanish treasure with sun-drenched Bobal grapes. Imagine wandering among lavender and rosemary, their scents dancing in the breeze like a Flamenco performance's graceful finale. Unwind with the 2022 Bobal de SanJuan—a carefree friend in a glass, boasting intense aromas of strawberries and violets, mingled with spicy black pepper and licorice notes. Its elegant palate of ripe strawberries, cherries, and a fresh peppery kick captivates the senses.

For delightful pairings, indulge in iconic Spanish paella or explore options like smoked meats, BBQ, chicken, turkey, spicy meatballs, or Moroccan lamb tagine, all complementing the wine's vibrant character.


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