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Camino de Chile Carmenere 2023

Camino de Chile Carmenere 2023

From the scenic landscapes of Chile emerges this Carmenere, embodying the essence of its birthplace. Picture yourself indulging in a glass, gazing at the majestic Andes Mountains while feeling the nurturing breeze that perfects these grapes.

Named "Camino de Chile," meaning "Path of Chile," this wine guides you through the vineyards, history, and soul of Chile. Dive into its rich bouquet of dark berries with hints of spice and earthiness unfolding with each swirl. On the palate, dark cherry and plum dominate the palate, accented by a subtle pepper kick.

Pair this Carmenere with chipotle shrimp tacos for a tantalizing fusion of flavors. Its bright acidity balances the richness of the shrimp, creating a culinary delight with every bite. Carmenere also enhances Mushroom Risotto and Dark Chocolate, elevating them to culinary masterpieces.


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