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Caze Blanque Cabernet

Caze Blanque Cabernet

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France is one of the most well-known and beloved wine making countries on the planet. However, too often, people think of France and think of Bordeaux and Champagne and stop there. While these wines are absolutely incredible, France has so many more regions and styles to appreciate and enjoy. In fact, the southern part of France makes some incredible wines and yet, due to the proximity to the Mediterranean, the style is completely different than that of Bordeaux. The Caze Blanque Cabernet is a brilliant example, being made in the south of France, near the ancient Roman city of Nimes.

Made in a traditional fashion, the Caze Blanque is a signature style for the Languedoc-Roussilon region it hails from. Ready to drink right now, the wine has ripe and juicy fruit notes. Oak aging helps add some spicy notes to the wine that increase the depth and complexity. A full-bodied wine, the finish is balanced and soft, delightfully elegant. It is a great pair for gamy dishes or dinners with a heavy sauce or gravy. It will also drink nicely with strong, robust cheeses.

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