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Champagne Cottet Dubreuil BP

Champagne Cottet Dubreuil BP

Champagne is both a science and an art form that is steeped in tradition. This tradition is part of the reason why Champagne is so esteemed around the world and why so many of the best producers of the near-legendary wine are small so-called “garage” producers – it is something often handed down from generation to generation.

The family behind Champagne Cottet-Debreuil exemplifies the heritage. Although their families hadn’t made wine recently, Alain and Claudie, husband and wife, decided to embark upon the endeavor of creating exceptional Champagne. Claudie’s family had a long history of making wine and they channeled this heritage into Champagne Cottet-Dubreuil. It was a smash success. After 30 years of amazing wine, Alain and Claudie recently handed over management of the winemaking to their daughter, Claire, who has continued making this extraordinary wine.

Champagne is classic and timeless and the Brut Tradition exemplifies everything you want in the famed sparkling wine. Once poured into the glass, it immediately passes the eye test and has those enticing bubbles that last seemingly forever. Crisp and balanced, there are notes of green apple and citrus, which lead to some of the classic flavors of Champagne. Truly extraordinary.

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