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Colombelle Tannat-Cab Rose 2020

Colombelle Tannat-Cab Rose 2020

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The Colombelle Tannat-Cabernet Rosé from the Côtes De Gascogne wine region is a delightful and elegant wine that showcases the best of Gascony. Crafted from a blend of Tannat and Cabernet grapes, this rosé offers a dry and vibrant taste experience.

In the glass, the wine presents a beautiful bright red berry color, enticing the eye with its lively hue.

On the palate, the wine bursts with flavors of red berries, blackberry, and plum. These fruity notes create a vibrant and refreshing profile that delights the senses. Dried wild herbs and spice flavors add complexity and intrigue, enhancing the overall taste experience.

The Colombelle Tannat-Cabernet Rosé is easy-going and easy to love, making it an excellent choice for any occasion. It offers a crisp and refreshing mouthfeel, with a balanced acidity that adds liveliness to the wine.

This rosé is perfectly chilled and poured, pairing wonderfully with roast turkey or grilled sausages. The wine's versatility and vibrant flavors complement the savory nature of these dishes, creating a harmonious pairing.

Overall, the Colombelle Tannat-Cabernet Rosé delivers a dry and elegant taste experience. With its bright red berry and plum flavors, dried wild herbs and spice notes, and refreshing profile, this wine showcases the best of Gascony's winemaking tradition. It is a wine that is easy to enjoy and appreciate, offering great value at its price point.

ABV 12.5%

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