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Splash Corkscrew

Splash Corkscrew

Small enough to fit in your pocket to open wine bottles at your next picnic, yet durable enough to be used as your go-to home wine opener. This two-step waiter’s corkscrew has a sleek and smooth rosewood handle and a built-in, stainless steel blade to easily cut through foil. The spiral worm is designed to glide through cork, minimizing crumbling while preserving the quality of your finest wines.

This corkscrew's boot lever opens bottles with ease. To use, start by cutting the foil under the lip of the bottle using the retractable knife. Remove the foil and retract the knife. Then insert the worm into the cork and turn to secure the corkscrew. Place the first notch of the boot lever on the lip of the bottle, hold it in place, and lever the handle to pull the cork about halfway out of the bottle. Move the second notch of the boot lever to the lip of the bottle and pull the cork the remainder of the way out.

Branded with the Splash logo, this corkscrew makes an excellent gift with a bottle of wine or a practical edition to your own kitchen.

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