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Fissata Sweet Red

Fissata Sweet Red

Fissata Sweet Red, a captivating gem from the vineyards of New York, reflects the state's rich winemaking heritage and diverse terroir. Sourced from vineyards across the Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley, and Long Island regions, this wine embodies the unique microclimates and soils that contribute to its exceptional quality. Its deep ruby hue mirrors the intensity of flavors nurtured by the region's cool climate and ample sunshine. The nose is filled with the essence of the rolling hillsides, evoking images of orchards laden with ripe fruit and fields dotted with wildflowers.

With each sip, Fissata transports you to the heart of New York's wine country, where tradition meets innovation, and every glass tells a story of craftsmanship and dedication. Pair this exquisite red with savory barbecue ribs or a decadent charcuterie board adorned with aged cheeses and artisanal meats for a culinary journey that celebrates the best of New York's wine culture.


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