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La Marchesina Inzolia Pinot Grigio

La Marchesina Inzolia Pinot Grigio

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The northeast Italian region that includes Venice has often been best known for the commercially-popular Soave and Valpolicella wines, and with good reason, as they are eminently drinkable and tasty, and always reliable.  There may not be a white, however, that could be more classically Venetian than an Inzolia-Pinot Grigio blend.  

Inzolia is likely the parent of many other Italian and European white wine varieties and is best known for its use in the finest white wines of Veneto.  Pinot Grigio, which has become enormously popular worldwide in recent years, is the white (or "grey", gris, grigio) cousin of Pinot Noir and is prominent throughout Italy's northeast.   

La Marchesina Inzolia-Pinot Grigio is fresh and dry, straw-colored with a floral nose that leads to blended fruit flavors of melons, green apples, and citrus - perhaps a Pinot Grigio "on steroids"!  And it is easy to see why a white like this would pair so well with the traditional core foods of Veneto, all types of seafood and fresh produce, with rice and polenta as the primary starches.

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