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UPGRADE: Red Wine Lover's Paradise Top Shelf 15-Pack

UPGRADE: Red Wine Lover's Paradise Top Shelf 15-Pack

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Vineyard Upgrade to One of Our Most Popular Cases Ever!

 One of our most popular and longest lived curated cases of all-time is Red Wine Lover's Paradise - a stunning collection of 15 different red wines that span the globe. A famous song once said something about taking 2 tickets to paradise. Why take 2 when you can have 15? That was our rationale when coming up with Red Wine Lover's Paradise. 15 unique bottles from Malbec to Tempranillo and everything in between. Each bottle is its own ticket to Paradise so why not hop aboard right now? Even better, you can upgrade to a Top Shelf version of this case for just $127.95. This is a huge deal to paradise!

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